Our sustainability efforts extend into several different aspects of our business model, from reducing waste, recycling and decreased energy use. all of our packaging is recyclable and or Bio-Degradeable.

Our farming operations have participated with a leading national university (Aurburn University) in the training and establishment of sustainability programs. Each grower has a team dedicated to achieving these goals and providing future generations with safe and sustainable agricultural products.

Ethical Sourcing

Flavor Pic Tomato Co. recognizes the importance our workers play in the day to day operations of our business. We ensure our labor force is treated with respect and that each employee is given equal opportunity to work. We maintain a high level of workplace safety by offering adequate protective equipment and multiple training opportunities. Records and documentation are kept in accordance with global ethical sourcing standards.

Flavor Pic Tomato Co. depends on the environment to provide us with our produce, leading us to our commitment to being conscious of our impact on our surroundings. We have systems in place that make certain appropriate waste management, water use, and energy consumption measures are being followed during the manufacture of and distribution of all of our products. We conduct regular audits of our system to ensure all requirements are being met.

Flavor Pic entrusts our suppliers to hold these same standards in their own businesses and operations also, ensuring a superior level of integrity among all levels of procurement.